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Nina began laying out photographs in front of me. Her Zhenechka and so

commercials, and fishing, and in the office, and on the street. She will manage without me! I respect Juliet in love, I praise her choice - and go home. Bainki

Here is her Zhenechka at the wheel - a vile smile. Here he comes to his car. Stop! Number E 157 RS. I immediately became interested. I took the last photo in my hand.

— Yes, Tanya, he did very well here. Some are photogenic, and some are like me…” She waved her hand.

I took another cigarette and lit it. It does not seem to be similar in size to my night fighter. And it looks like it.

So, yes, Nina!

She immediately became alert and froze.

“I can find out if he is leaving, and perhaps where. And it's all. Nina twitched to say something, but I pressed on:

- And it's all. Only out of respect for you I will not sleep for a couple of days, I will carve out a little bit of free time. I promise nothing more.


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